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Meet the Doctor

  • Dr.
    Catherine Joy Sparks

    Dr Sparks obtained her doctorate degree in chiropractic medicine from one of the leading chiropractic institutions, Western States Chiropractic College (WSCC), in 1986. Her training while at WSCC was a combination of traditional chiropractic medicine and general medicine and covered a broad range of in-depth studies including internal medicine, minor surgery, neurology, obstetrics, and pharmacology. While a clinician at WSCC Dr. Sparks was the recipient of the prestigious 'Award for Clinical Excellence' and went on to become the assistant director of the campus clinical facilities.

    After graduation Dr. Sparks obtained board certification and licensure in the states of Oregon and Washington, where she has been in private practice for twenty years. During her years in practice Dr. Sparks has maintained a strong emphasis on nutritional medicine and has spent several decades in private research on the effects of diet and vitamin supplementation on human health. She is a member of Mensa and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

    Growing up in Washington State in a family that ate 'health food' long before it was popular, she realized that she wanted to be a doctor at the age of four when her favorite word was sphygmomanometer. Her strong intellectual curiosity lead her toward the field of neurology, which she planned to pursue as a career. A back injury, and its subsequent rehabilitation, redirected her to the field of chiropractic medicine.

    In addition to her intellectual pursuits, Dr. Sparks has excelled in many other arenas. As a young person she was an elite gymnast and Olympic hopeful. An injury during a qualifying meet kept her from joining the US team but she went on to coach and judge for many years. As an adult, she was a championship ballroom dancer with professional titles in the US and Canada. She has performed in and judged ballroom dance events worldwide. She is currently an equestrian athlete, competing in the rigorous sport of Combined Training. Dr. Sparks is an avid golfer, loves to read and to spend time with her daughter Juliana when she's home on break from Central Washington University.